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 Kahili Flower | Grevillea

The Kahili Flower Grevillea is a stunning, fast-growing shrub that can reach up to 6 feet in height. It has bright green, deeply lobed leaves and produces an abundance of beautiful, spider-like flowers that range in color from white to pink to purple.

Acalypha (Dwarf) | Acalypha reptans 

Acalypha reptans is a plant in the genus Acalypha. It is native to tropical Africa and naturalized in other parts of Africa, as well as in India, Sri Lanka.

Acalypha indica | Acalypha indica

Acalypha indica is a plant in the spurge family. The plant is native to tropical Asia, from India to China. It is a small shrub or herbaceous plant, growing to 0.3–1.5 m tall. The leaves are opposite, 3–8 cm long and 2–6 cm broad.

Acalypha Wilkesiana | Beefsteak Plant | ایکالیفا

The Acalypha Wilkesiana plant is a species of flowering plant in the spurge family. It is native to the Society Islands in French Polynesia.


Acroclinium are a genus of six species in the plant family Goodeniaceae, all of which are endemic to Australia. It is also known as Paper daisy plant.

Allmanda Bail | Allamanda cathartica L.

The  Allamanda Bail and Allamanda cathartica L. plant is a species of flowering plant in the family Apocynaceae, native to tropical America. It is a shrub or small tree growing to 5–10 m (16–33 ft) tall, with opposite, evergreen leaves 10–20 cm (4–8 in) long and 4–8 cm (1.6–3.1 in) broad. The flowers are yellow, 5–8 cm (2–3 in) diameter, with five petals. The fruit is a follicle 5–8 cm (2–3 in) long and 3–4 cm (1.2–1.6 in) broad, containing numerous seeds.

Aloe Vera | Aloe barbadensis miller

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The Aloe vera plant is a succulent plant species that is found in the northern part of Africa. The plant is also known by the names Aloe barbadensis, Aloe vera, or Aloe vera barbadensis. The plant is stemless or very short-stemmed with thick, fleshy leaves that are green to grey-green in color and have serrated margins.

Alstonia | Alstonia scholaris

Alstonia scholaris, also known as Devil's tree or milkwood, is a large evergreen tree native to tropical Asia. The tree grows up to 30 m tall and has a trunk diameter of up to 1.5 m. The leaves are oblong-elliptical in shape and are 10-20 cm long and 5-10 cm wide.


Alyssum is a genus of flowering plants in the family Brassicaceae. The genus contains about 170 species of annual and perennial herbs native to Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean.

Amaltas |C Assia fistula | املتاس

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The Amaltas or Assia fistula plant is a beautiful, flowering tree that is native to India. It is also known as the Indian Laburnum tree and is a member of the pea family.

Amaranthus Aurora

Amaranthus Aurora is a stunning annual plant that produces beautiful, long-lasting flowers in a range of vibrant colors. The flowers are borne on tall, slender stems and make excellent cut flowers. Amaranthus 'Aurora' variety is easy to grow and is perfect for adding color to any garden.

Amaranthus Bicolor Illumination

Amaranthus bicolor, also known as Illumination, is a tender annual that is often grown as a summer flowering plant. The plant grows to a height of 12-24 inches and has a spread of 12-24 inches. Amaranthus bicolor leaves are oblong to lanceolate, and the flowers are small and borne in clusters. The plant is native to tropical America, but is now grown in many parts of the world.

Amaranthus Love lies Bleeding

Amaranthus Love lies bleeding is a large, showy plant with striking reddish-purple or gold, velvety, drooping flower panicles that create dramatic focal points in summer to fall gardens.

Amaranthus tricolor Early Splendor

Amaranthus tricolor Early Splendor is an annual flowering plant that is native to South America. The plant grows to a height of 2-3 feet and has large, tri-colored leaves that are 2-6 inches long.

Amaranthus tricolor Splendens Perfecta

Amaranthus tricolor is an annual plant known for its brightly colored foliage rather than its flowers. This plant is grown as an edible crop in some parts of the world.  The genus name comes from the Greek word amarantos meaning unfading in reference to the long-lasting flowers of some species.

American Evergreen | Syngonium Podophyllum

American Evergreen Syngonium podophyllum is a species of aroid, and the only member of the genus Syngonium that is native to the Americas. It is a fast-growing, climbing plant that can reach up to 6 m in height. The leaves are variable in shape, but are usually arrowhead-shaped, with dark green, glossy upper surfaces and paler, matte lower surfaces. The flowers are small and green, borne in clusters on the leaf axils. The fruit is a fleshy, greenish-white berry.

Anemone Double Choice

Anemone double choice is a white and brown anemone with two different forms that can be found in the western Atlantic Ocean.

Antirrhinum F-1 Admiral Tall

Antirrhinum F-1 Admiral Tall is a tall and slender variety of Antirrhinum with deep blue flowers. It blooms in late spring and early summer, and is a great addition to any garden.

Antirrhinum F-1 Extra Dwarf

Antirrhinum F-1 Extra Dwarf is an annual herbaceous plant in the genus Antirrhinum. The species is native to Europe, North Africa and West Asia. It is a hybrid of Antirrhinum majus and Antirrhinum minutum.

Antirrhinum F-1 FL Shower

Antirrhinum F-1 FL Shower is a type of shower head that is designed to be used in conjunction with a shower system.


Arctotis is a genus of flowering plants that includes about 50 species. The plants are native to Africa and have daisy-like flowers. The flowers are typically yellow, orange, or white and have a long flowering season. The plants are drought-tolerant and do well in warm climates.

Areca palm | Dypsis lutescens

The Areca palm (Dypsis lutescens) is a species of flowering plant in the family Arecaceae, native to Madagascar and naturalized in the Andaman Islands, Réunion, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Peru, Ecuador, the West Indies, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and far north Queensland in Australia.

Arjun | Terminalia arjuna

Arjun tree is a large deciduous tree that can grow up to 30 m in height. It has a wide, spreading crown and a trunk up to 2 m in diameter. The bark is dark brown to black in colour and is smooth or finely fissured. The leaves are simple, alternate and oblong-lanceolate in shape.